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Old 29-05-2012, 01:02 PM
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Default When will VHRR accept all historic categories?

Supp regs for Winton FoS do not have categories for Historic Group T or Historic Group U.
These are genuine CoD'd category cars, unlike the replica non historic group N and S's.
The U and T cars are at present low in numbers, but unless encouraged by event organisers, they wont be bothered to restore them.
Victoria is home to a number of potential Group U and T cars, and most are well known. They can be exciting, and back in the day, these two groups were the "Premier" category for most race fans.

Back when Group C was no longer allowed, event organisers saw "best fit" for Gp C cars alongside the then Sports Sedan cars, which are now Historic Group U, yet, today, dissapointingly, in Victoria, Group U is not accepted.

In NSW and QLD, the Historic clubs are encouraging all historic categories to enter events, and combine fields as best fit.
At recent HRCC Qld meeting, Group C, A, T, U and S all ran together, with no issue, due to low entry numbers.
Other historic groups are combined, ie O, Q, R, or V, Fa, Fb, or Form Juniors with M, O.
When may VHRR allow all categories the potential to compete at all Historic meetings, without the ignomany of calling then "invited" ?

My interest? I own a replica (Group S) car, and a genuine T car, along with a genuine U car, and would very much like to race these in Victoria, my home state.
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Old 29-05-2012, 01:44 PM
Tas_karter Tas_karter is offline
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Hi there

Might not be much help but I do agree with you. Have you ever thought about bringing one of your cars down to the Baskerville Historic Meeting? I'm sure they would love to accpet your entry and those of similar cars to yours. Details can be found on www.mgtas.org.au

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Old 31-05-2012, 03:05 PM
Alex Webster Alex Webster is offline
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Okay, I will chime in here.

I think the main concern with most of the Group S guys is that Group T cars are allowed to run with different modifications to that of Group S log booked cars. The main one being wider wheels/tyres, 'slicks' and fibreglass panels with flared guards. One could argue that flared guards are not an advantage unless mated with the other items.

Similarly, a Group T car can quite easily be 'unmodified' to be Group S compliant, and several owners of T cars have gone down this path. This then places all cars back on somewhat of a level playing field.

Whilst Group T cars certainly have their place, if they want to compete and be awarded for outright places, then the cars need to be inline with the category they race with, otherwise suitable number are needed to support their own category.

Group S and Group N are always the most heavily subscribed categories in recent years, regularity probably the only other. It seems unfair a Group S car missing out for a T car that is technically 'invited'.

In summary, you won't lose the integrity or the provenance of the car if brought back to a Group S spec and therefore be able to be log booked Group S. If the car is too modified, then it goes against the Group S methodology that created the category in the first place.

My 2c worth.
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