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Default Club Permit Scheme Information Seminar Rod Amos Report

Club Permit Scheme Information Seminar

On 12th December 2009 the AOMC conducted a seminar at Monash University to provide an opportunity for club representatives to clarify issues regarding the newly released VicRoads final proposals for changes to the scheme.
Around 150 people attended and John Lewis and Fergus McDonald from VicRoads were on hand to answer questions. Questions that related to the Vicroads proposals for a logbook scheme were dealt with on the basis of how such a scheme might operate, in the event of the consultation period resulting in Ministerial approval for a change.

A number of matters were raised by attendees and the following is a summary of the main issues discussed.

Transition to new scheme: It is envisaged that at the end of the consultation period (end of January) VicRoads will make recommendations to the Minister for Roads and if changes are authorised by the Minister then a period of around twelve months will be required for the planning and implementation process. Detailed conversion procedures have not yet been developed. Vicroads understands that there may be some keenness for immediate access to a new scheme and means to allow users to changeover as conveniently as possible will be looked into, although clearly a wholesale conversion of all users in a very short time is not feasible.

It is not anticipated that a formal new application for CPS, with club validation and RWC etc. will be required for existing users on the scheme. The period of a permit will remain at one year and a three-year term (as in SA) is not a possibility.

Club responsibilities: The process for authorising new club-member vehicles and annual renewal will remain basically the same as now. Given that VicRoads are seeking to make changes to allow clubs to have access to information about vehicles on the scheme, a new function may be required whereby an annual list from VicRoads of vehicles on the scheme as authorised by a club is cross-checked against that club’s own list of authorised vehicles.

AOMC has identified a further issue with regard to the use of the Department of Justice Model Rules for incorporated bodies. In their standard form these rules do not specify that access to club services and facilities is dependent on payment of subscriptions. Clubs that have not adopted suitable clauses to cover this will need to do so, so that access to the clubs authorisation for the CPS is tied to financial membership of the club. AOMC will publish a more detailed analysis of this issue, together with guidelines for dealing with it, in the near future.

Clubs will also need to consider how they will deal with new applications/renewals for CPS by members whose fees are due but not yet paid for the current year, this mainly concerns the grace period often granted by clubs from the time when annual fees fall due and the point at which a member is considered unfinancial.

Some questions were asked about who would have access to information on cars on the CPS and VicRoads advised that this would be restricted in ways to ensure that only clubs with a valid reason for seeking information would be have access. A suggestion was made that the authorising club may be included in the details shown on the proposed CPS windscreen label.

Clubs will not have responsibility for how vehicles on CPS are used.

30-year eligibility: The proposal to change the eligibility age for CPS from 25 to 30 years met with adverse comment from a number of attendees. Opposition to the idea was based on concerns about the loss of older vehicles to scrappage due to the extra time required for surviving examples to become viable as hobby vehicles. The change was also cited as an obstacle to entry by younger people into the movement.

Transfer of CPS plates: Regarding retention of CPS plates on a vehicle upon transfer, VicRoads responded that a vehicle being transferred from one owner to another within the same club could be allowed to retain its CPS plates, as could the change of a vehicle from one club to another while owned by the same person. They are opposed to any trade in CPS plates.

Personalised and old-style registration plates: A number of questions were raised concerning continued use of full registration plates (eg. personalised or old-style numbers related to the vehicles period) when a vehicle transfers to the CPS. VicRoads will not support such continued use as it is contrary to the difference between the vehicle being on a permit as opposed to full registration. This is central to the exemption from stamp duty. It is also a requirement of lawenforcement agencies that vehicles be clearly identifiable by their plates as being on the CPS. The plate records the permit number and for this reason a personalised form of CPS plate is also not possible.

Owner/driver responsibilities: As at present, the CPS will recognise two entities. The owner whose responsibilty is to ensure that the vehicle is put on the scheme according to the rules (eg. re current membership of a club etc), that the annual fees are paid, that the windscreen sticker is in place etc. The driver will be responsible for proper completion of logbook details for each day’s use. A driver is not required to be a member of a club.

Learner drivers: Learner drivers will be permitted to use CPS vehicles –with proper supervision and relevant logbook entry.

Log book details: Details of the precise information to be completed have yet to be determined, however it is not intended to make them excessively detailed nor to include information not necessarily known, such as destination. If use of a vehicle extends beyond midnight on a given day then a second log book entry (and day’s use) is required for the second day.

Modified vehicles: Further work is scheduled on this matter, with a view to seeking a Code of Practice for pre-1969 vehicles under which certain clubs may be able to sanction modifications within a defined range. This is intended to cover the majority of modifications that many older vehicles have acquired over time or which have become commonly adopted means of dealing with design deficiencies or parts availability problems. The intention is to avoid placing a large number of vehicles under the cost and technical burdens of compliance with regulations designed for more modern vehicles and/or more extensively performance-modified. AOMC will set up a working party to undertake development of this Code, which will then be subject to review and acceptance by VicRoads’ technical and safety authorities. It is hoped to conduct this work during the time that a planning for implementation of a new CPS is underway.

Costs: Vicroads confirm that under a log book system the current permit fee will remain the same (subject to normal CPI adjustments etc.). The 45-day permit charge will be half that of the 90-day option. TAC has advised that their component will remain unchanged for the 90-day permit, with the 45-day charge to be advised. AOMC reported that RACV Insurance has advised that their Veteran, Vintage and Classic policy charge for vehicles on CPS will remain unchanged as a result of a change to a log book scheme. Shannons have provided verbal advice that they anticipate no change for currently insured vehicles on CPS, with only a maximum 15% increase in some cases of more modern vehicles going onto CPS where they perceive a potential for greater usage under a new scheme.

Interstate use: Victorian CPS vehicles when used in other states will be legal if used as required in Victoria, including proper completion of log book details. The previous difficulty in Western Australian recognition of the Vic scheme is believed to be now overcome but this will be confirmed.

Rod Amos

Reprinted with thanks from the AOMC Newsletter February 2010
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