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hi kean

nice to hear from you

thanks to paul we are now starting to get a few buchanan people talking on here.

yes we spoke previously via email

i too found that info, on chassis number 8 a while ago on that same was an interesting read,

yes it is true I am adverse to registers [well not the idea just like to be a little more private i guess although it does seem I talk a lot hee hee]
i am on the goggomobil register, messerschmitt register and the skoda register [yes i have skodas and if i had money I shoud have bought that skoda powered buchanan recently]but on these registers I dont actually have any personal details about my individual cars..just dont like it bandied around..maybe that will change once I restore the car?

no you haven't neglected my car as I hadn't supplied you photos, and at the time you had no info on the website for no didnt do anything wrong.

you did give me pauls details back then which I thank you for.

Pauls car is inspiring and so is what I have seen of car no 1,

so I hope to have my car done one day, if my health allows...of all my cars it is my buch cobra and my bond equipe I hope to drive in future ,and also my Lightburn Zetasports...along with my restored goggo dart, then I could let the others go..perhaps tee hee.

I will keep in contact with you in future though..

thanking paul for this cobra liason on his thread...cheers mate.
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