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Presentation of Equipment to Marysville SES 4th July 2010
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At the 2009 Phillip Island Classic it was decided to support the Black Saturday Bushfire Fund in some way. At that stage nothing had been decided as to who

might be supported, although the committee and members of the VHRR were not keen on just donating any funds raised into 'general' revenue.


Brenda Campbell was given the task to coordinate the Fund Raiser, which comprised an Auction during the Phillip Island Classic Dinner, various 'can rattles'

throughout the weekend, and 'Donation Drums' at the Expo Centre. A total of $16,000.00 was raised through those activities, and the VHRR topped that up with a

further $9,000.00 to make an even $25,000.00. At the Auction VHRR Club Patron Sir Jack Brabham seriously inflated the value of donated memorabilia with his autographs!


Brenda was then given the task of finding something to do with the money. A trip to Marysville soon after saw a number of possibilities, but essentially it was just

too soon after the fires to make a reasonable decision so the search was delayed for a few months to allow at least some settling in by those effected by the fires.


During that period it was suggested that the SES needed a new truck and Brenda contacted the Marysville SES to arrange a meeting. At the meeting the truck idea was

found to be already sorted, so Brenda suggested the SES give the VHRR a 'wish list'. On that 'wish list' was what amounts to a 'Jaws of Life' Combi Tool, the Power Unit

to go with it, plus the various hydraulic hose kits. And, just in case there was any money left over, a Light Tower.


Brenda put that to the VHRR Committee and to a man, the decision was made to support the SES, not with just the Hydraulic Equipment, but with the Light Tower as well.


As it happened there was a surplus of about $1500.00, so the VHRR thought that too should go to the Marysville SES, just in case anything further was needed.


Grant Campbell