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Nothing in the following words should be construed as in any way excusing the ineptitude of those who have been attempting to manage Motorsport in a way that is required to keep the sport afloat.

The attitude that we are all wealthy and able to afford any price increases that they wish to foist upon us displays their basic lack of understanding of how to balance the books and how most of us spend much more than we can afford in the pursuit of our passion.

However, and it’s a big however, our unhappiness with the ever increasing fees has led to many of our events being run under a different regime (using CAMS trained and accredited Officials in the main), which has almost none of the elements of control required for the efficient, safe and fair running of events.

For instance, they have no published rules, no judicial system, no eligibility system and have pretty much adopted (stolen) CAMS’ intellectual property to run their events.

This has all been done in the interest of saving money for entrants by reducing the cost of running a race meeting – a noble thought – but what if the cost to entrants is the collapse of CAMS?

Some of you might say that’d be a good thing but the cost of any organisation is directly related to the staff costs and any governing body, which is trying to administer our sport would need to cover their added expenditure by enlarging their income in the form of increased fees . That would follow, as night follows day!

Whilst we live in hope that the new CEO will understand what’s wrong with CAMS and then be able to fix it, we should be really careful about not throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Maybe we should ‘bite the bullet’ and be prepared to shoulder a bit more of the load (cost) while/if things are being put on a proper footing.

We most certainly should not be holding the dollar so close to our eye, that we can’t see anything else!

John Sheppard

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