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Old 22-05-2014, 08:53 AM
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Grant Campbell
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Default Sir Jack Brabham

With the sad news of our beloved Patron, Sir Jack, I thought members might like a me to relay some of the last moments we shared with him. I'm also sending a copy of this to John Moller of Repco, to whom we are indebted for having the wonderful BT19 in our care.

Last Saturday Mandy and I travelled to the Gold Coast to take Sir Jack and Lady Brabham out to dinner. Jack loved the Japanese restaurant in the RACV Royal Pines resort, which is also where the Brabhams have their home.

We had a lovely meal there and Jack ate well. Jack was quiet, but enjoyed himself. He loved the wagu beef, and finished with his favourite, ice cream and chocolate sauce! The next day we had planned to join Jack and Margaret at the Royal Pines golf club for lunch. In the meantime there was an invitation for them to take a helicopter trip up to the Sunshine Coast for morning tea with a friend who has just bought a Formula 2 Brabham. So at breakfast time we noticed a helicopter taking off from just outside the hotel, and at about 12.30 we heard it coming in again, and watched from our window as it landed. I even took a photo as they walked to the RACV Security car, probably the last one taken of Jack.

So we then had a lovely lunch with them, Jack was excited about seeing the F2 Brabham and he loved the helicopter trip. (Margaret not so much!). Afterwards we went over to their home and Jack was proud to show me the 1/12 scale models of the 1966 F2 Honda and BT19 (both one offs.). He said that "1966 was a busy year, we won both Championships that year". And that was about all he said before we left. He was tired and was probably in bed and asleep soon after. Margaret rang me at about 6 in the morning. I think Jack was very weak and with all that his body has been through he'd had enough.

How fortunate we all are, in the VHRR, to have had Jack as our Patron. And how fortunate has been everyone in the motor racing world to have had Jack among us. It's sad, but at 88 Jack was ready.

Let's also have a thought for Lady Brabham who has been effectively a full time carer for Jack for a long time and in the last year or so this has been an enormous task. Margaret has been absolutely marvellous.

Guys, its the end of one era but the beginning of a new one. Two of Jack's grandsons, Matthew and Sam, won important races overseas last weekend. Jack was especially proud of that.

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