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Old 22-05-2014, 08:50 AM
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Grant Campbell
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Default Tribute to Sir Jack Brabham

Tribute to Sir Jack Brabham

If I could I would, gather all my family for a “team” meeting one last time, for they allowed me to live my dreams and they were always there for me in the “pit lane”… and regardless of the circumstances or challenges on the “track of life.”

If I could I would, I would salute my fellow members of the Royal Australian Air Force that I proudly served, as we had a legacy to carry on.

If I could I would, I would run my hands along the Schonberg Midget race- car that I built and that “Speedcar” would lead the way to an incredible journey in Motorsports.

If I could I would, I would visit the Cooper factory of the 50s one last time for it was for me the “Fountainhead” of future innovation and creativity for race -cars… and a handshake for John.

If I could I would, I would smile at my nick- name, “Black Jack,” for I guess I did hold my cards close to my chest when it came to all of my focus on experimental engineering to squeeze the most I could out of race-cars.

If I could I would, I would gather my comrades of racing that would include Brooks, Moss, Surtees, Hulme, McLaren, Clark, and Gurney… and many more if I could.

If I could I would, I would visit again the race tracks that I loved dearly such as Monza, Riverside, Reims, Zandvoort, Indy and Zeltweg Airfield… and I would swoop down to the Grand Hotel Hairpin at Monaco one last time.

If I could I would, I would sit in one of the many race- cars that thrilled me such as the Maserati 250 F, Cooper T 51, and of course the Repco Brabham BT 19 with a special sound that was like a symphony to my ears.

If I could I would, I would thank all of those at “stage left” like Ron, Phil, Roy, Tim, Nick along with Dan and Denny for they all made the seemingly impossible achievements happen for me in winning the Drivers and Constructors Championships.

If I could I would, I would get into the beautiful Repco BT 19 and we were both “true blue Aussies” …and take to the track to salute and thank all of the Corner Workers, Flaggers, and Marshals from around the world for they spent much of their time to make sure that I was always safe on the tracks that I raced on… I have been grateful indeed.

If I could I would, I would thank all of the great racing fans for they always made me “bigger than life” it always seemed and more than I could have expected or deserved I felt over all these years, but I felt that we were all together, members of a great and global Motorsport Club.

If I could I would, I would attend one last VHRR weekly meeting at the “Clubhouse,” as regardless of my AO and OBE honors, it was being titled “Patron” of the VHRR that meant the most to me, as it was recognition from my peers.

If I could I would, I would race hard for the checkered flag one last time, for Geoff, Gary, and David, as I was so proud of their achievements… and little did I realize that the large unfurled checkered flag in the sky would touch the face of God, and he was “flagging me home” as well.

Today, Sir Jack, on your journey home, may the gentle winds from the Tasman Sea touch your face kindly and may the grace of God embrace you and protect you on you journey home. God Speed and thank you for making all of our lives in Motorsports and the Community at Large richer and more meaningful, as you will be in our hearts forever.

Ernie Nagamatsu
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