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Old 23-05-2014, 07:05 AM
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Grant Campbell
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Default Lilo Zicron and family

To : Brabham's family,

It was a great privilege and honor for my family and I to have meet with Sir Jack Brabham this year at the Philip Island event celebrating his last birthday. He certainly was a great inspirer to me and a lot of others. They are certain moments, words, actions which happens in life that sometimes makes impact on others. These certain moments are what we remember the best.

During the Sir Jack Brabham birthday celebration ( in which I had the honor with others to carry the birthday cake) at Philip Island we had the pleasure to have our pictures taken with Sir Brabham which we all did . However, after receiving my award my daughter Erin decided to have it signed by Sir Brabham as she knew of my up most admiration for him. So she went off to him and after returning this is what she had to say:

I was waiting in line for my turn to have him sign the award, and when I finally got my turn, I told him who I was and who my Dad is and if he wouldnot mind signing the plaque . He then took a pen and started to sign his name but did not like the way it came out, the ink was too thin. So, he wanted a marker and would not want it any other way. He finally got one and signed it. He did it all with a smile and gave me a head shake. This said it all.

Well, this is the way we will all remember him, a smile and a head shake. Thank you Sir Jack Brabham for all you have done for all of us. You will be greatly missed.

Our heart and prayers are with the Brabham family and we hope in time all of the happy memories will come back.

Best regards
Lilo Zicron and family
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