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Default Jack the man

My story - forward this if you well as I've not got everyone's address - is a simple one about Jack the man.

He may once have been tough on the track but in latter years when I met him coming the other way at an Adelaide Classic function (about six years ago), someone had to give way as we both approached a narrow passage between the tables.

I stopped and indicated for Jack to go through first, but he also stopped and "insisted" that I go first. If only other people far less significant than Jack were as gentlemanly, the world would be a better place.

It was only a small thing, but one of those few times in life there is joy in the humanity and consideration of others.

About the only other time I can immediately recall was when a brief case fell of the back of my motor cycle, and the papers in it were strewn up the road in peak hour traffic !!

As I got off the bike and removed my helmet to retrieve the situation, three cars stopped and as many people set about retrieving papers. And if that was not amazing enough, one of those vehicle owners offered to take my brief case home because I no longer had the means to secure it to the bike.

Trevor McPherson
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