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Default He is a Legend


It’s wonderful to exchange stories of Sir Jack and I’m sure there are millions…. Here is mine…

A few years ago Jack came to Perth to have the Suburb around the old Caversham Race Track named Brabham in his honour.

The night we had a private night with him and Margaret on stage, stories, questions, humorous answers, it was just a fantastic night.

At the end the VSCC auctioned a signed photo of Jack competing at Caversham in 1962 AGP.

I paid far too much for the picture and Jack said in a light moment “he had heaps of photos at home if he could get what I paid”

Be that as it may I pulled the photo apart and got Jack to sign the photo with a special message.

We chatted for a while and I retold a story of the 1954 Redex Rally. There is an iconic West Australian driver David Sullivan ( a very spritely 90 odd still plays golf at the club I’m a member of in Perth) who also drove in that Rally in his ex-Sydney 53-213 FX Holden, Jack I think drove for Holden and David was a private entrant. (David was the state Champion in that same ex Taxi).

When I told David that I was too meet Jack he made me remind him….…..

Somewhere in North Queensland Jack entered a dry Creek Bed and the engine moved forward (engine mounts were not chained) and the fan destroyed the radiator. David had a spare and lent it to Jack, never to see each other again.

David said to me when you meet him tell him the story and that he wanted his radiator back….. so I did

Jack said with a real twinkle in his eye, “get me his email address and I’ll email it to him” then he gave a muffled chuckle.

A great moment.

I am now a very very proud owner of a 1968 BT21B31

He is a Legend

Regards to all

David Watkins (Watto)
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