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Default Kyalami

Hi All,

I grew up in South Africa and was lucky enough to attend some 23 SAGP’s starting in 1963.

I cannot remember the exact years when the Brabham team used the local Caltex garage up the road to store their cars overnight. These were the days before the fully enclosed pit facilities we have today and the cars were hauled to and from the track daily. The garage had a big window and I would be looking into it for hours watching the guys to their thing.

Then one night when as a 10 or 11 year old, lying in bed, the unmistakable sound of a DFV starting up. On my bike and off to the garage to peer through the window to see a Brabham on the rolling road and the boys using all of the 8000 odd RPM available. Fantastic sound but as you can imagine the neighbours were not too pleased. Before long vegetables were being pelted in the garage’s direction.

I think the crew new exactly what they were doing, for just as quickly as they started they shut the machine down closed up and were off before the law arrived. I am not sure If Sir Jack was present that evening but I sure do remember it.

This and seeing the cars at Kyalami being driven by Sir Jack and Denny Hulme bring back great memories of those good years when we could walk up to the cars and talk to the drivers and team members and an autograph book was the item they signed – I still have mine.

The Ferrari team used the workshop of a mason about 3 miles away which was owned by the father of a Italian girl I was at school with but no begging on my part got me through the gate of the masons yard.

How times have changed.

Bill Schipper
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