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Default Rob roy triple cup..

The V.H.R.R. is joining in with The M.G.Car Club Victoria and the V.S.C.C. to present the Rob Roy Triple cup competition.

The competition will be run over three events at Rob Roy beginning with the V.H.R.R. Histpric Rob Roy Hill Climb on the 27th of April this year. it will continue on to the V.S.C.C. event in July and the M.G. event in November.

The competition will be based on points scored be each of the three clubs for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places inn the three events. At the conclusion of the last event the club with the most points will win the cup for a year.

The actual CUP is still the subject of discussion as several trophies have been promised at this early stage.

We seem to be the club with limited numbers of entries for Rob Roy so we will have to our game if we are to compete with the larger clubs for points in this competition.

I ask you to get behind this competition and support the V.H.R.R. with a strong view of winning the initial Rob Roy Triple Cup.

I will be chasing up entries and officials to boost our numbers, look over your shoulders as I will be around.

We are going to run a gate for this series and I will need official gate people to collect the huge amount of $10.00s coming in from eager spectators. With a number of officials available we will be able to change the gate person every hour and run the dummy grid up to the start line and more.

We are engaging the MG car club to run other aspects of the meeting such as car parking, Dummy grid, Flag points etc. and this will detract from the amount of revenue that we are able to lake away from the meeting.

I am searching for club members to assist with running the dummy grid, control/ flag points and also to assist Wayne with catering. We need your help to make these meetings a success on an event and financial level.

I will be reminding members of the opportunity to enter and assist with these these meetings.

Regards 1/-

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