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Default 931/2 Alfa Romeo Tipo B "p3" (chassis/ Engine #5006) Scuderia Ferrari #33


Neil Hammond Pic

Owner/Driver/Custodian: Peter Giddings

Designed during 1930, Vittorio Jano’s masterpiece Tipo B "P3" #5006 contains major components which are date stamped as early as 1931. #5006 is the sole surviving first series Tipo B, retaining its original (subsequently factory widened) slim sided body and half elliptic rear suspension, which is still being historic raced today. #5006 is one out of only five Tipo Bs from a total of 13 survivors to have earned Dennis Jenkinson’s accolade of "genuine". Scuderia Ferrari Tipo Bs (#5006 prominent amongst them) swept the board from the outset with a stunning first (Tazio Nuvolari), second (Umberto Borzacchini), and third (Rudolf Caracciola) at the 1932 French GP, averaging 90 mph.Nuvolari (with co driver Giuseppe Campari) then went on to win the Italian GP at over 100 mph, followed by a win at Avus in 1933 at over 128 mph., amazing speeds even by today’s standards, confirming that the "P3" was (and is) truly a long straightaway racing car.

Whilst today, complete and specific Tipo B race histories are unclear, for decades #5006 has been acknowledged as the Guy Moll 1934 Monaco GP winning car. Moll, at 23, became the youngest ever Grand Prix winning factory driver – a record unbroken for more than 50 years. After #5006’s illustrious service with Scuderia Ferrari, it was released in 1935 to Georges Raph, whose placings included French GP 2nd, GP de la Marne 7th, Dieppe GP (retired – fractured carburetor floats), Circuit of Comminges 2nd, plus 1936 Circuit of Pau (place unknown). Post war #5006 went straight back to work, winning events at Curragh, Leinster and Ulster driven by Anthony Powys-Lybbe. At the time, Powys-Lybbe stated that "P3s" were "only really suitable for the long tracks of Spain and Ireland"! The next owner was John Vessey who achieved a fine second place in the Richard Seaman race behind Maserati 8CM "3011" (which has, for many years, been owned by Peter). #5006 was also campaigned by John Crowther and Michael Thackray.

In 1966 on the long Rouen circuit #5006, in the hands of William Summers, out performed, in straight line speed, the current competing Formula Two cars. Neil Corner became #5006’s next owner. In the 1970s ERA exponent Peter Waller managed a good third place with #5006 behind a Mercedes W125 (which was subsequently historic raced by Peter), and a well developed 2 liter ERA. Waller remarked that #5006 was a large car to manhandle when compared with an ERA, a challenge (particularly given the shorter tracks of today) that Peter will now have to cope with.

Today #5006, after an extensive two year restoration by Auto Restorations of New Zealand will, in Peter’s hands, again try to emulate the unparalleled achievements of #5006, in what is now a 70+ year old Grand Prix car.

Major race wins in chronological order (2.6 liter in 1932/3, 2.9 liter in 1934 and onwards except when known and otherwise stated).

1932: Italian GP (Nuvolari); French GP (Nuvolari); German GP (Carracciola); Coppa Ciano (Nuvolari); Coppa Acerbo (Nuvolari); Coppa Principe di Piemonte (Nuvolari); Monza GP (Carracciola)
1933: Coppa Acerbo (Fagioli); Comminges GP (Fagioli); Marseilles GP (Chiron); Italian GP (Fagioli); Spanish GP (Chiron)
1934: Monaco GP (Moll); Bordino GP (Varzi); Tripoli GP (Varzi); Targa Florio (Varzi); Casablanca GP (Chiron) 2.6 litre; Avus GP (Moll) 3.2 litre: Montreux GP (Trossi); Penya Rhin GP (Varzi); Mannin Moar (Hon. B.E. Lewis) 2.6 litre; French GP (Chiron); GP de la Marne (Chiron); Vichy GP (Trossi); Coppa Ciano (Varzi); Nice GP (Varzi); Comminges GP (Comotti); Circuit of Biella (Trossi)
1935: Pau GP (Nuvolari); Mille Miglia (Pintacuda); Targa Florio (Brivio); Lorraine GP (Chiron); German GP (Nuvolari); Circuit of Bergamo (Nuvolari); GP of Picardy (Sommer); GP de France (Sommer); Circuit of Biella (Nuvolari) 3.2 litre; GP de la Marne (Dreyfus); Circuit of Turin (Nuvolari); Dieppe GP (Dreyfus); Comminges GP (Sommer) 3.2 litre; Coppa Ciano (Nuvolari); Circuit of Lucca (Tadini); Donnington GP (R.O. Shuttleworth)
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