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Default 1948 Patterson-Brydon MG TC Special - Richard Townley

Richard Townley

1948 Patterson-Brydon MG TC Special

Image Courtesy Neil Hammond

G.W. Bill Patterson commenced his racing career with a road going MG TC which was one of the first TCs to arrive in Melbourne after the war. This stripped TC (Reg. No. HX 500) was tuned by Reg Nutt and raced at Point Cook, Ballarat, Lobethal, Fishermans Bend, Nowra and Bathurst. Its last event was the 1948 Australian Grand Prix at Point Cook where the TC retired from the event with overheating. The car was sold and it was replaced with a newer TC which was then supercharged, fitted with a lightweight streamlined body and developed as the Patterson TC Special.

In 1957 Patterson was to co-drive with Lex Davison a Ferrari to win the Australian Grand Prix at Caversham WA and in 1961 went on to win the CAMS Gold Star, Australian Driverıs Championship, in a Cooper-Climax.

The ³Patterson-Brydon MG TC Special³ was built during the latter part of 1948, by Bill Patterson, Reg Nutt and Doug Whiteford. The racing body was designed as a two seater and was built by Bob Baker. It was painted green and was panelled in light gauge aluminium over a welded frame of light angle iron. The panels were attached by quick release Dzus fasteners. The highly developed engine of the special was fully balanced, fitted with larger valves and a Marshall supercharger. The ignition was provided by a Scintilla Vertex NV4 magneto and the fuel was fed to the carburettor by air pressure in the tank, by using a hand pump in the cockpit. The special pressurised cooling system used a modified Ford V8 radiator core.

The shock absorbers were changed to an adjustable Andre Hydro Telecontrol system, Monaro cooling fins were fitted to the brake drums with 19 inch wheels.

The steering wheel was changed to a Bluemels Brooklands type and the dash board has full and complete instrumentation.

The TC was registered as MG 000. Bob Baker installed the disguarded square rigger body on a new rolling-chassis and sold it to Eric Barrow. (Reg. No. NA114)

The Patterson Special was advertised in AMS Feb 1950 and was sold to A.H ³Curley² Brydon. The car was further developed by Brydon and the former motor cycle wizard, Tom ³the Prof² Jemison using the supercharged engine from Brydonıs stripped black TC and was also fitted with 16 inch wheels.

Adam Howie Brydon sucessfully raced the car from 1950 to 1954 at many circuits including Bathurst, Ballarat, Parramatta Park, Gnoo-Blass , Albert Park and Mt. Druitt. The major results being 2nd in the 100 mile Redex 100 at Bathurst at Easter 1951 and 2nd in the 1953 Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park. Brydon entered the car at the 1952 Australian Grand Prix at Bathurst but retired on lap 28 (of 38 laps)with a split fuel tank. The special was fitted with a non-supercharged engine and was entered as a back up vehicle by Brydon for the 1954 Australian Grand Prix at Southport but did not start in the event. Brydon however was to finish 2nd in 1954 AGP driving another MG T-Series Special. The chassis of this car was from the MG TA Special was used by Alan Tomlinson to win the 1939 Australian Grand Prix at Lobethal. A new single seat body had been built for it by Alec Mildren and the supercharged engine from the Patterson-Brydon MG TC Special was fitted. The TA chassis was used because superior handling and braking mainly because it was fitted with trunnion mounted spring ends rather than the rubber bushed springs of the TC chassis.

The steering was also extensively modified. Brydon competed with this car at the Albert Park races in March 1955 and went on to his famous win in the Bathurst 100 at Easter 1955.

Australian Grand Prix

The Patterson-Brydon MG TC Special was entered in the Australian Grand Prix on five occasions.

1950 Nuriootpa SA Bill Patterson # 17 DNF 1952 Bathurst NSW Curley Brydon # 18 DNF 1953 Albert Park VIC Curley Brydon # 26 2nd outright 1954 Southport QLD Curley Brydon # 15 DNS 1960 Lowood QLD Keith Russell # 37 DNF Owners 1948-50 Bill Patterson VIC Supercharged 1250 cc 19 inch wheels 1950-54 Curley Brydon NSW Supercharged 1250 cc. 16 inch wheels 1954-56 John Roche NSW 1.5² SU carbs 1250 cc. 16 inch wheels 1956-58 Johnny Martin NSW 1.5² SU carbs 1466 cc. 16 inch wheels 1958-66 Keith Russell NSW 1.5² SU carbs 1466 cc. 16 inch wheels 1966-75 Peter Savage NSW 1.5² SU carbs 1466 cc. 16 inch wheels 1975-00 Ray Murray NSW 1.5² SU carbs 1366 cc. 16 inch wheels 2000- Richard Townley VIC Supercharged 1366 cc. 16 inch wheels

The car is still in original condition and, through the series of owners, has remained wonderfully intact without any extensive alterations or modifications.

The Patterson-Brydon MG TC Special is being displayed in as close as possible to its original specification as it ran in the AGP 50 years ago. The main items that were not original are the electric fuel pump system (was a hand pumped air pressure system) and distributor ignition (was magneto) The driving seat, webbing lap belt, steering wheel, livery and the original Patterson personalised number plate, MG 000, have been refitted.
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