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admin 18-04-2015 07:42 AM

Calling all junior members


You’re invited to a special meeting at the clubrooms for all junior members on Tuesday 12th May at 7.30 when Ian Tate will outline the VHRR Junior Driver’s Development Program.

This program is specifically for all junior members and will consist of an ongoing series of workshops on a wide range of aspects of motor sport which aims to support and develop young talent.

The work shops will be free for all junior members, will be presented by well recognised professionals in their fields and will be entertaining, informative and educational.

Much of the information provided will also be very valuable in your everyday lives.

Some of the subjects covered will include:

• driving skills
• team organisation and management
• personal image and presentation
• handling media
• mechanical preparation
• the mysteries of electronics
• track behaviour
• understanding flag marshal’s duties
• marketing
• how to arrange and handle sponsorship.

At each session there will be ample time for questions and interaction with the presenters - and hunger and thirst will be catered for.

Don’t miss this opportunity to further your knowledge of what is required to be a success in your chosen field.

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