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Brian Smith 21-06-2012 10:47 AM

RDA-EBC Brakes
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RDA Brakes have been a sponsor for VHRR for over 10 years. RDA is Australia’s largest Independent brake part wholesaler with the Biggest & fastest growing range of Old & New Vehicle applications.
RDA Brakes is also an Australian family ran & managed company with 9 warehouses through out Australia.
RDA commenced operations in Melbourne Victoria in 1987 and has grown from a small trade and retail parts supplier to today offering the largest range of Disc Brake Rotors & Pads, Brake Drums & Shoes in Australia and New Zealand.

Additionally, RDA Brakes is the Australian distributor for EBC Brakes (from the UK). EBC Brakes offers a complete range of brake pads from standard vehicle applications, through to performance upgrades, as well as commercial applications.
RDA-EBC offer a range of Rotors and Drums that encompasses some 1,800 (and growing) vehicle applications.
Their Brake pad and brake shoe range together totals over 2,000 (and growing) vehicle applications.

The RDA-EBC brake range caters for all types of Vehicles including:
• Passenger Vehicles
• Semi / Light Commercial
• Heavy Commercial
• Performance
• Prestige
• Motorsport
• 4WD
• Classic
• Japanese (Grey) Imports

In addition to the large range of standard & performance Brake pads, RDA also offer a range of performance disc brake rotors
Their performance disc brake rotor range is available for all their 1,800+ applications

RDA Brakes disc rotor range


Where can I buy RDA-EBC Brakes?


Or visit our RDA-EBC Brakes web site for more technical information:


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